5 out of 5 Stars! The Crux was not my favorite rod at 35 feet. For example, the 9-foot 3-weight rod weighs in at around 2.1 ounces. Again it feels and performs a lot like the VICE – not so good. The Crux does look good though. It is easy to see why the Redington Crux rod is one of the most sought-after fly rods on the market. This superb fly rod meets the needs of the angler, no matter what situation you’re in or whether you’re fishing for trout or bonefish. Redington’s 9-weight VICE rod arrived on my porch in all its dapper glory about three weeks before my trip to the Louisiana marshes. The Redington Crux has some incredible features that rank it as one of the best fishing rods on the market. The quality of the epoxy coatings over the wraps is good. The Redington Crux Fly feature the all-new Line Speed Taper, for precise short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. While it is better than the VICE, I’m not sure if it is $200 better. A heavier weight is not always a bad thing for a trout rod, as the stiff middle section reduces the casting weight on the angler. Congratulations to John from Missouri! 22. Its casting power, enhanced by the Angled Key Grip feature, makes it versatile and dependable out on the water. The fast action of the Crux will catch you lots of fish, even in the windiest conditions. The Crux is covered by the generous lifetime warranty that Redington offer on all their fly rods. Longer distances were the Crux’s strong suit. I thought I’d start to really like the Crux at 60 feet, but it wasn’t very accurate for me at this distance. The stiffness hurt here as it lacked any feel at the in-close distances. 1st impressions:  Interesting “Sci-fi” font on rod and reel seat. Performance at 35 feet: 17 points out of 20. JG’s Notes: The Vice from Redington is a pretty good deal at just under $200.00. Redington CRUX fly rod review. Gear Review: Review of the Predator Fly Rod from Redington. Redington CRUX Fly Rod Review Posted By: Jonah Sloven September 21, 2018. We have two Redington rods in this Shootout, with the CRUX being perhaps the best one, but at $200.00 more than the VICE. Redington designed the Crux using the latest technology, years of experience, and exquisite craftsmanship, making this a rod worth checking out. The Redington Crux is one of the latest of Redington’s inventions, released in 2018. The rod itself has a pleasing metallic olive matte finish, with dark brown wraps and olive trim on the butt section. Although it sells at less than half the price of most high-ranking rods, the Redington Crux is an exceptional blend of value and performance. So I sent it back to Redington to trade up to the Vapen Black. Here are some of the fly fishing features that set the Crux apart from other rods: Admittedly, the Redington Crux rod is heavier than some fly rods of this class. At around $400, the Redington Crux is a good mid-priced rod for anyone who is a fan of faster action rods. The action seems fine to me but this rod is just heavy in hand compared to a rod like the Recon for only $150 more. We know you’re short on time but you want to get the best rod, so here’s our detailed review of the new Redington Crux rod. $400 puts the Crux in that mid-price category, but when comparing it heads up to the Orvis Recon, the difference was like night and day! This review of the Redington crux rod is only my opinion. Redington are well known for creating high-quality rods with the latest technology, so we couldn’t wait to review the Redington Crux! We were impressed by the versatility and accuracy of the Crux across a range of distances and in all fishing conditions. The Crux has the power to reach out to 60 ft. and beyond, but the accuracy was poor, which I attribute to the heavy in hand feel and overly stiff blank. As an Amazon Associate Fly Fisher Pro can earn a commission from qualifying purchases. I thought that for a similar price the Douglas DXF had much better performance. This rod excels as casting with precision at any distance, almost every time! This series was one of the brand-new fly rod debuts at IFTD this year, and we were quite interested in nabbing one for some fishing and testing. George’s Notes: We have two Redington rods in this Shootout, with the CRUX being perhaps the best one, but at $200.00 more than the VICE. Established in 1993, Redington has traversed an eventful and exciting journey to evolve from very humble beginnings into the company we are today. It is an upgrade of Redington’s past rods, and Redington state that it’s the best rod they’ve ever built! As a result, you’ll feel less arm strain and fatigue than you would usually with a heavy rod. Free ground shipping on all orders. The Crux has a Line Speed Taper which ensures spot-on accuracy in the short to mid-range. Having reviewed the Crux, we can confidently say that it’s a phenomenal rod. Just to let you know the GQS that comes with this package is a#8. If you challenge yourself to hunting down those lunker fish, the Crux is the rod you need! Performance at 100 feet:  17 points out of 20. Rod guides are two SiC stripping guides followed with hard chrome snake guides with an oversized tiptop. We have seen better rods from Redington before, (the CPX comes to mind), despite Redington’s claim of the CRUX being the best rod they’ve ever made. High praise, but does it live up to the hype? The CRUX rod offers our all new Line Speed Taper, for confident short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. For 400 dollars, I'd rather have my Sage Pulse or an Orvis Recon. The Crux is equally effective when fly fishing for saltwater fish, warm water fish, and trout. The idea is to increase durability, where your thumb rests. It’s true that the Crux is a heavy weight rod, and that the rod does put some anglers off. R 6,500.00 – R 7,995.00. This wasn’t true of the Redington Crux. The action is medium-fast and very fun to … While the Crux offers an excellent feel at close range, you’ll feel the weight more if you’re casting long distance. This Redington Crux 890-4 is a crisp, powerful, fast-action rod with amazing responsiveness and line feel. Accuracy was good enough at 35 ft. but the heavy swing weight gave me a really heavy and unresponsive feeling. We have metamorphosed from a Volume distributor of IT Products to the leading value-added Distributor in the country. Shop Redington's fly rod families. The Crux is adorned with a stylized reel seat with the Crux logo inscribed on top. The thing that grabs you is the unusual handle design and the use of angled composite cork along with the standard cork rings. Fully anodized, the reel seat is durable and hard-wearing, while the weight of the rod balances out the reel seat perfectly. Both times I tried the 5 wt because that was the rod available. It’s built with care and attention to detail, right from the reel seat to the wraps and chrome guides. Does it fit the bill for all your fly fishing needs? Redington are well known for creating high-quality rods with the latest technology, so we couldn’t wait to review the Redington Crux! At least the bottom ring has a nylon face that allows it to lock up well once you do get it tight. Performance at 100 feet: 17.5 points out of 20. I've been into fly fishing since my graduation from spin fishing when I was 12 years old. Given their cost, I’d choose the VICE instead and put the extra $200 towards a nicer saltwater reel and line. Unique cork at the top, different looking lock rings on reel seat. You can cast confidently and precisely with this beauty of a rod. Doable, but the edge goes to the VICE for sure. Leading the technology distribution business in India At Redington, we’ve been instrumental in incubating and shaping India’s technology distribution business through its various stages of evolution over the years. As far as currently-available gear goes, Redington came through very quickly (as usual) by sending us one of their CRUX 590-4 fly rods for a full writeup. This rod packs enough power to easily haul in trophy-size fish. But the Redington Crux is just that! The biggest problem I have with this rod is the Redington marketing hype that I feel is really misleading. full review The Orvis Helios 3D 8-Weight 9′ Fly Rod (aka 908-4) configuration earned top honors this season, claiming the Best in Class status in specialty rods. Performance at 60 feet: 17 points out of 20. Redington BUTTER STICK 6-Weight Fly Rod Review. I thought it stood out just the right amount. Redington CRUX fly rods deliver high performance and versatility from Redington's Line Speed Taper. Performance at 35 feet:  18.5 points out of 20. Redington also says, “Increased connectivity between the tip, middle, and lower sections for an all-around superior feel.”. Despite the lackluster performance, the Crux is a handsome rod, with good craftsmanship. So, how does the Crux compare against other Redington fly rods? The grip for example is no different than any other full wells grip ever made in terms of comfort – it just has some faux cork at the front of the grip. The Crux can handle a variety of styles and fly patterns. It’s a very solid value at $400. The Recon is far lighter and has a much faster action, which allowed it to cast dramatically better at all distances. Then, at a fly show this past summer, they launched their newer higher end rod and discontinued the Vapen, called the Crux. Performance at 80 feet:  18 points out of 20. I was able to get the distance out of the Crux to hit 80 ft., but with little accuracy and wrist wrenching weight. But is it the right rod for you? Redington is popular for innovative inventions. For more information about the new Redington Crux, click below: Your email address will not be published. The CRUX series of fly fishing rods will deliver power when needed to achieve distance as well as enough touch and feel for effective short and mid-range casts. The Crux 8wt is a perfect choice for chasing bonefish on saltwater flats and redfish in the backcountry. Not really sure about which weight to choose, I settled on the middle option given by most experts. However it still falls short when compared to better rods like the Aetos. In summary of the review – Redington crosswater, we can safely conclude that this fast action fly rod is the perfect choice for any beginner learning to fly fish. Lighter than the VICE but nearly as stiff. (tie)  Redington Crux   54/60      $399.95. The Crux is heavier than most rods of its class, More expensive than some rods within this category. Overindulgence in a product’s description is something we often see, and the Crux is a good example. Review: Redington Hydrogen fly rod Stiff rods are specialized tools, best suited for casting long range. But don’t just take our word for it. The action of the Crux lent itself to longer distances. It can be tricky to find a rod that is suitable for all weather conditions and casting distances from short to long distance. It had plenty of reserve power but it didn’t seem to track as well as other rods. Today, apart from distributing computing devices meant for The Crux is a new rod from Redington. Compared to the X, the CRUX feels much stiffer with little life to it. Redington Hydrogen Fly Rod Review: Casting At 18 inches, this was the smaller rainbow caught with the Redington Hydrogen fly rod. The CRUX fly fishing rod is built on our Line Speed Taper, for confident short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. This mass means the rod provides a ton of feedback and feel at close distances like 30 feet. This make the Crux ideal for short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. blind-tested it against rods that cost twice as much, and Crux more than held its own. It’s a fast action rod with a good price, but for the money I think it’s a bit heavy and inaccurate. It’s necessary to mention at this point in our Crux rod review that this rod is not one designed for long distances. The new Redington Crux is a fast action rod that is both lightweight and affordable. Combine this with the introduction of the Angled Key Grip, to increase durability and reduce hand fatigue. That gives the Helios family of rods back to back wins, as this rod’s lighter weight cousin, the 5 … Redington has developed and integrated into the design of the Crux an “Angled Key Grip,” a denser pre-compressed cork material designed to increase durability on the cork beneath the thumb position. The Redington Crux works well across for a distance range of 25 to 45 foot. Redington hit a home run with the flex and feel of this rod. Redington CRUX Fly Rod Review 28/10/2017 / in Fluestænger, Gear Reviews, Redington, Video / by Red's Fly Shop. But you’ll also have no problem to cast out 60+ feet with this fast, stiff rod. Redington Crux Fly Rod. Performance at 60 feet:  18.5 points out of 20. The heavy swing weight and stiffness in the tip hurt a lot in close. Decent balance and loop control, but the Recon and BVK were dramatically better. Having tested out a range of Redington fly rods, we were both surprised and impressed by the Crux’s performance. #21 (tie)     Redington CRUX    9 foot  #8   $399.95. Well our Sage and Redington rep stopped by a few days ago with a couple of new rods for us to cast. Right out of the box my first impression was this thing is sleek! I did really like the overall look of the Crux. Not too much fun casting this rod in close as it had very little feel. Redington Crux 9″ 5WT. A little better, but they said it didn't have the backbone in the butt section of the rod for lifting as the Predator does. Redington’s new die-cast reel, the RUN, features a lightweight frame and spool but packs a punch in the carbon fiber disc drag system. While it could chuck those flies out to extreme distances, it didn’t lose out on any accuracy close up. It’s hard to miss the weight of the Crux in hand. You may remember that over a month ago, Sage announced the release of their new family of fly rods for 2016. However, one benefit is that this weight creates a good balance while casting. It seems like this company has been gradually increasing the top end of their rod lineup, but has still kept a variety of lower end rods for which they became famous for. Powerful indeed, but you pay the price in a heavy swing weight. ... As a comparison, the 9-foot 6- weight Redington CRUX is advertised at 3.6 ounces and my personal 6-weight from another brand checks in at 3.5 ounces, so this one is right in there with its slightly-longer graphite companions. It is ideal for chucking bugs to all sorts of fish, big and small. It has a unique cork shape that felt really comfortable. Your email address will not be published. Additionally, there is … According to Redington, the all-new CRUX is the best rod they’re ever built, and I can’t argue with that. Thank you very much for reviewing your new Redington Crux Fly Rod Review: "I can not believe how awesome this rod is in the… Although that is not the lightest 3-weight rod there is on the market, it feels light in hand. Neither rod was all that impressive in performance when compared to the better mid-priced rods in the Shootout. If this is a requirement in your fishing, or if feeling the rod load isn’t a priority for you, then by all means explore such rods. The reel seat is embedded with a reversed half grip, allowing you to get a strong, comfortable grip on this rod. However, people I trust do like the Crux! If you’re looking for a workhorse rod that’s dependable, versatile, and aesthetically stunning, the Crux might be the perfect fly rod for you. Performance at 80 feet: 17.5 points out of 20. REDINGTON CRUX 890-4 FLY ROD : 8WT, 9'0" Redington Crux Fly Rods are the most technologically advanced rods that Redington has ever designed. The Vice was much better at the longest distances. It does not go with this fly rod and reel but I added it in this package anyways. The Angled Key Grip is wrapped with pre-compressed cork material which increases the sensitivity and durability of the Crux. The Redington CRUX is Redington’s best casting fly rod and performs well at all ranges with a variety of strategies. TROUT Media, the print/digital/and social media arm of Trout Unlimited, is partnering with Angling Trade Magazine to create insightful, honest, reporting and gear review content in the fly-fishing space. Some rods sound amazing in print, but don’t compare in real life. The Redington Crux is a fast action rod designed with a stiff tip to minimize tip vibrations. You can read more on our, Balanced weight with manageable swinging weight. Redington Crux Review; Redington Hydrogen Review; Redington Path Fly Rod Review; Redington Predator Review; Redington Vice Review; Redington Fly Rod Reviews; Wrap Up. The CRUX is powerful and can be punched or you can take it easy with it. "I can not believe how awesome this rod is!" Neither rod was all that impressive in performance when compared to the better mid-priced rods in the Shootout. Redington Vice 52.5/60 $199.95. It scores well when fishing small dry flies and big streamer flies too. The Crux has more of a medium action, with a stiffer tip, and it’s HEAVY! Over the course of the last several years working in the Fly fishing industry as both a guide and shop owner I have had the opportunity to cast, fish and otherwise play around with just about every type of fly rod. And coming in at a budget price, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable all-rounder fly rod. This makes it an ideal rod for fishing on rivers, streams, lakes, and even oceans. Excellent craftsmanship and build design. All that swing weight is becoming tiring, and I’m working hard to hit the 80-foot mark. He was our winner of $25 in AvidMax rewards during the week of February 26th - March 4th, 2018. I think this rod and the Crux had much more in common than the price would suggest, making the Vice a much better deal. In addition to having great aesthetics, the new Redington crux has an incredible design from reel seat to rod tip. Feel and accuracy at 30 feet doesn’t mean the rod loses sensitivity at 45 feet and beyond, however. The Redington Crux 9″ 5WT fly rod is built on Redington’s Line Speed Taper. A short fighting butt is used with a composite cork on the end, matching what is found on the handle. The CRUX rod offers the all-new Line Speed Taper, for confident short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. You can cast effectively on both stillwater lakes and fast-flowing rivers, and reel in your catch with no problem at all. In 9′ lengths, anglers have 5-12 weight line options. I’m not being compensated by Redington for this. They use a black anodized double uplocking seat but the knurling on the rings is too fine, making them very hard to grip. At less than half the price of some of the other rods in the class, the Crux offers an exceptional blend of performance and value. The Redington Crux proved to be a versatile fly rod with good casting power and decent accuracy. We took the time to search for other fly fishers’ opinions of the Redington Crux for you: I have seen and tried one, twice, it is an attractive rod and cast well. It has a stylized reel seat, with a logo inscription on top of it. 25. The Crux comes in different models that range from the 3-weight 7’6’’ to 10-weight 9’ models. Performance at 35 feet: 17 See Redington.com. Review: The CRUX Fly Rod from Redington Many years ago I worked for a big general outdoors store in Denver. It is one of the heaviest rods we tested in swing weight. July 2, 2019 #21 (tie) Redington CRUX 9 foot #8 $399.95. Redington’s introduction of their Angled Key Grip (a denser pre-compressed cork material near the top of the cork) may increase durability but I doubt it will reduce much hand fatigue from wielding this heavy wand all day. Finding the right fly rod to meet all your needs can be a challenging task, whether you are a beginner or an experienced fly fisher. It’s not the lightest rod on the market, but if you can get over the heavier swing weight in hand, it ticks all the boxes. You’ll need to think about factors such as weight, performance, and your budget, before you buy. Although Redington is a trusted manufacturer of rods, just like any other rod, the Redington crux rod has some advantages and disadvantages. This is a full wells design with a smaller swell than most. It handled heavier lines and flies like a champ. A 9′ 5-weight rod is pretty much the standard all-around trout rod configuration. Tight lines everyone! The Crux was also very pleasant to cast at 45 feet and at 60 feet. The Crux comes in every weight from 3 weight up to 10 weight, making it easy to pick the best weight rod for your needs. The Crux has a bit more mass than other Redington rods. Not enough power to get it done. No International Bidders or Buyers Up for Auction is this Redington Rod and Reel(the rod is a 5/6) Combo with lots of EXTRAS Please review the photos to see everything you are bidding on. Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots – Felt (Built By Danner), Armstrong Spring Creek on the O’Hair Ranch. This is a reel that’s built for the angler who needs a lightweight reel but doesn’t want to sacrifice drag strength. The finishing of the Crux is done using the standard high-quality Redington snake guides and hard chrome stripping. This rod is manufactured in Korea. Another rod I just couldn’t get 100 ft. from. Having come from a fly shop that had a very narrow view of who made the best rods, I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that the new employer was a Redington dealer. The Crux is as good or better than any of those. The slower action combined with all that weight made for a dismal performance. Having tested out a range of Redington fly rods, we were both surprised and impressed by the Crux’s performance. I started flyfisherpro.com to help introduce as many people into this amazing sport. The Redington Predator is available now in a range of line weights and length options. I think this would be a fine rod for bigger flies, throwing them longer distances. Required fields are marked *. This is a mystery to me since the rod features the same slip over ferrule design featured on almost every rod produced today. Getting it the distance is no problem, but I’m not getting the same fun feedback or accuracy that other rods gave me. The quality of cork is excellent. On the front side of the reel seat is an anodized olive hood that gives the line size combined with built in hook keepers on both sides. But if you’re more of a steelhead and salmon fisher, you’ll want to arm yourself with the 8 weight or 9 weight model, instead. I just wish it were not so heavy. If you prefer fishing for panfish and trout on small streams, the 3 weight is perfect for you! Hey, I'm Ben, a fly fisherman for over 20 years and also an aspiring blogger. Both the Recon and Aetos were much better. What’s more, this rod is affordable, making fly fishing more accessible to all fly anglers. Combined with the new Angled Key Grip, a denser pre-compressed cork material designed to increase feel, durability, and reduce hand fatigue, the all-new Crux is the best rod Redington has ever built.