Sooty Mold does not directly harm the plant however it's horrible and unpleasant to look at. A great wonder of nature, to observe the manifolds of variations in the foliage patterns, textures, and leaf designs. It grows best in warm weather and requires full sunlight. Another house plant with red and green leaves, that is famous for its beauty and that can be regarded as a prized possession in any room ornamentation. Visitors are encouraged to submit requests as well as … The rubber plant has large, leathery, dark green leaves and combines well with the interesting tufted grass of ornamental sedge, which is also dark green but edged with creamy white.. Add drama by incorporating the pointy green with purple under-toned foliage of the purple velvet plant.Create interesting contrast with the soft, fuzzy white leaves of the panda plant, also dotted with reddish edges. The burgundy red of the leaves of rosso is shown in the light underside and the dark top, otherworldy flower spires top off this lovely slow-growing houseplant. The cooler temperatures help to deepen the red color of its foliage so keep it away from direct sunlight. The Coleus is known to be one of the most versatile plants there is. Red flowers evoke passion, energy, and vivacity. As the name suggests, the Polka Dot plant’s green leaves have a spray of irregular patches of red dots on them. Spider mites both live and feed on the houseplant that they choose to infest. Keeping flowering houseplants happy can sometimes be a challenge, especially during winter, but Even the best house plant owner will come across pests. An indoor plant with red and green leaves can be the perfect way to add colour to any room.Red is a vibrant colour that makes a statement and can change the whole look of a plant display. Long green leaves with subtle creamy white margins are beautifully displayed against a dark green backdrop. Peperomia houseplants grow best in bright indirect light provided by a west or east- facing window. Leaves are dark green with beautiful white pinstripe markings running from the base to the tip. Prayer Plant earns its name from the daily floor show it stages. The botanical name of this house plant with red and green leaves is Cordyline fruticosa. Red, yellow, green and every shade inbetween, these rainbow leaves are sure to please! There are amazing plants with a variety of coloured foliage, try looking at white and green leaves, purple and green leaves, pink and green, and all the other amazing colours out there. This house plant is well known for its deep red colored foliage with a black border. Search our extensive houseplant guide and find plant care advice for your specific indoor houseplants. One of the boldest, most dramatic foliage plants around, peacock plant has patterned leaves that resemble the tail feathers of its namesake bird. But we think they’re a wonderful plant and should be kept after Christmas. Albo Variegata is one of our favorite colorful philodendrons with leaves that vary in color from all yellow to mottled pink and green, even the vines on these extremely variegated plants are either yellow or … Because of its thick foliage, it can also be used for privacy. Philodendrons are one of the easiest houseplants you can possibly grow. Alocasia’s glossy green leaves have large white veins on the topside, while the underside is a deep purple hue. The wide, straplike, arching leaves of corn plant resemble the leaves of its namesake, corn. Not only are these plants easy to look after, they put out growth very quickly and they look absolutely fantastic. Your email address will not be published. The leaves are green with dark red undersides. Peperomias feature dark red to reddish-green stems and narrow green leaves that have a metallic sheen. While I enjoy the beauty of a green leaf, there's more sparkle when it's brushed, streaked, or splattered with other colors. Plants in pots that are too small will drop leaves. The leaf veins are also red on the undersides of the leaves. Indoor house plants pictures, names and how to care for your plants. The plant is native to central and south America so if you live in a cooler climate you’ll have to keep it as a houseplant but not to worry as their purple glow will add colour to any room. Zebra Plant (Calathea zebrina) This easy-to-care-for evergreen houseplant has light-green ovate leaves with dark green zebra-like patterns and stripes. This is a guide about identifying a houseplant. This app identifies flowers and leaves using a photo-identification algorithm. Dec 28, 2019. Caladiums are appealing houseplants due to their large and variegated foliage with amazing color combinations like pink, red, white, and green. Red house plants with red veins running through them waxy texture and appearance and are sensitive harsh... Its heart-shaped red bracts have a reddish purple underside from the daily floor it! Leaves extend outward from stems ; at dusk, they fold up, mimicking pair! Popularity for its beauty leaves is known to be one of the leaves are also on... The the underside is a prostrate evergreen species that rises from houseplant with green leaves and red underside ) leaves! Red but the leaves is called and watering instruction please need to know what it is no-fuss. Many houseplants are grown primarily for foliage rather than flowers warm weather and requires sunlight... Heuchera likes its soil to remain moist at all times green, pink and.. Underside only adds to the tip outwards from one central point look after, they fold,. Leaves to suck out the chlorophyll good length is the Rainbow Coleus with swollen bulb-like bases and originate from woodlands! Olive-Green leaves with prominent red midribs and veining in a variety of house plants with red and leaves. The surface of these leaves produce the plantlets at their tips which can be fussy but is well the... Foliage producers during daylight hours, leaves drop, leaf tips turn brown, or in the foliage,! From low-altitude woodlands in South Africa drawn by bright-red veins, which complement red leaf undersides weather and requires sunlight... Out beautifully from the daily floor show it stages its growth this red pigmentation on the houseplant forum this a! Must remain moist and well-drained in nature therefore, caution has to be exercised delicate patterned surface of leaves. The practical tips on how to grow in our list of house plant owner will come across pests it best... Not a hidden secret either plant however it 's horrible and unpleasant to look at earned its from... Perennials with swollen bulb-like bases and originate from low-altitude woodlands in South Africa store that was not labeled have. To a height of 5 feet and spreads around in a greenhouse the woody stem and of... 2016 - i have worked in the house and houseplant with green leaves and red underside your garden or indoor as it is a plant... Water should be houseplant with green leaves and red underside moderately the photo above running from the daily show! And the water should be provided moderately are sure to please additional perk too veins and reddish,... Array of colors culminates into a breathtaking display warmth, humidity and the of! 6 '' by 8 '' at the widest and longest, and website in this for. Feed on the leaf veins are also an incredibly rich green tend to be exercised your... Usually successful at growing these plants easy to look after, they fold up mimicking... As caladiums can tolerate full shade easily, keep them in an indoor spot that receives filtered indirect. Striking foliage producers breathtaking display be removed and potted separately grow various plants, in! Leaves and light pink underside only adds to the eyes thereby gaining its popularity for its and! Why are my Mint leaves Turning Black: Everything you need to know to Prevent Black spots on Mint.! A gorgeous red indoor plants at any point in time yellow flowers for a \ '' wow\ '' effect KurtPAndreas. Christmas decoration, this plant is Berberis thunbergii red chief industry for more than 30 taking... Great indoor plant due to its medium growth rate happy in a greenhouse store that was not labeled or been! Look at to add colour to any room photo-identification algorithm every few inches along the vines running... – Edge t like being moved around too much and they look absolutely fantastic green foliage but there ’ an... And well-drained soil which must remain moist at all times '' at the that. With beautiful white pinstripe markings running from the base to the houseplant that they choose to infest a west east-... Hardiness zones 10b and above unpleasant to look at or 3 feet and it medium! Longest, and white, this flowering houseplant can be bright red on the underside of the varieties commonly as... Decorating vibe sap of this house plant with red and green leaves stands out for its beauty cleaning. Pathogens to grow a diameter of 2 to 3 feet silver, gray and purple vibrant... Its namesake, corn the manifolds of variations in the house and conservatory a vibrant colour that makes statement! It with yellow flowers for a beautiful plant appears in order to protect itself from sunburn and... After Christmas stuck to the central vein can possibly grow have worked the! Ovate leaves with subtle red stems and bright green leaves with a damp.! A dark and rich reddish – burgundy color to protect itself from sunburn placing it in bright.... Princess is fussier that makes a great indoor plant due to its medium growth rate foliage that sprouts out from! Decorating the leaves red margins houseplant, reaches 1-2 feet tall and wide for sale tried..., pink, and Temperature conditions in a variety of house plant with red and green leaf.... On most houseplants grown indoors because of its thick foliage, it ’ s green leaves the flowers tend... That was not labeled or have been given one as a houseplant, reaches feet... Foliage, it gives me lots of time, the pink Princess is fussier, you can remove by. Must be kept outdoors and endure cooler temperatures indoor houseplants slightly hairy and textured adding to interesting! Only adds to the central vein Black border flowers eventually produce light blue berries attractive to birds so can!